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1on1 Training

Private 1 hour session with Coach Aidan or one of our expert coaches.

Small Group

Semi-private 2-6 players.

Weekly Development
Sessions (8-10 players)

Class type sessions with different topics.

Online Coaching

For soccer players aged 12+ who need a personal coach to further their development.

90 Minutes Fitness

Private Soccer Training Pittsburgh

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Aidan Curran


My name is Aidan and I am the founder and coach of 90 Minutes Fitness. Born and raised in Waterford, Ireland, I now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My passion for football has taken me all over the world from America to Germany, and these experiences have given me a unique insight into not only football, but life too.

My qualifications include:

  • B.A Degree from University College Dublin

  • MBA Graduate Degree from UF

  • EQF Level 3 Gym Instructor (Register of Exercise Professionals)

  • EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer (Register of Exercise Professionals)

  • National Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity (Register of Exercise Professionals)

  • US Soccer Qualified Coach

  • Scottish FA Qualified Coach

My aim for 90 Minutes Fitness is simple: to help players achieve their goals and make their dreams become a reality.

I look forward to working with you!

Sarah, Parent

To say that Coach Aidan’s heart is full of passion and dedication does not do him justice...Her confidence has grown immensely, and her footwork has greatly improved in just the few weeks they have been working together. Aidan is a truly blessing for helping our daughter succeed.

Jeff, Parent

His skills as a coach and mentor for young players is second to none. He uses the gifts his players were born with then exploits their weaknesses in a very positive manner...
Coach Aidan’s class and character are beyond 1st Class!! I recommend coach Aidan to anyone who wants to bring out the best skill in their child.

Christine, Parent

Coach Aidan has really helped my 10 year old daughter develop essential soccer skills.
Her kicks are stronger, passes more accurate, and she just better overall. I would highly recommend Aidan.

1on1 & Small Group Training

Held in the Pittsburgh area, all sessions are tailored towards the individual player, based on their age, level, and goals. We work with players from 7 years old all the way up to college/pre-professional.

Each hour long session is designed to challenge the player physically, mentally, and tactically. Ultimately, the emphasis is on player improvement and equipping you with the tools needed to succeed in the soccer world.

Using our proven methodology for player development, players have seen immense improvements in all aspects of their game.

If you are ready to book a session, please click the button below:

Online Coaching

Elite 360 Program

Soccer players aged 12+ who want an Individual Development Coach to help all aspects of their game and fulfill their potential. Monthly programming working on footwork, ball mastery, passing, and shooting. Training requires minimal equipment and can be done at a pitch or at home.

All players will be personally coached by Aidan Curran, a full-time individual development coach based in Pittsburgh. 

Premium 1-1 Coaching

360 degree approach to soccer development covering all aspects of the game. Most players don’t get enough touches on the ball. Why is this? They don’t know what to do, they don’t know how to structure their training, they don’t have a plan to follow.


You will work 1-1 with Coach Aidan to work on your technique, tactical IQ, physical ability, and mindset.

You will also have the opportunity to send your training sessions for feedback, in addition to monthly game analysis.

This is the complete training package guaranteed to improve all aspects of your game.

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