Are you a Middle School or High School player looking for extra training?

What are development sessions?

- 1 hour of high quality training each week

- Max of 6 players per group

- Technique training

- Speed and agility training

- Awareness training 

Benefits of being part of a development group:

- Learn alongside similar minded players

- Be part of a group with similar goals

- Opportunity for more advanced training

- Ability to work on 1v1 and 2v2 drills to expand tactical and technical capabilities

- Players tend to work harder in smaller groups

- Get extra elite training each week

- More affordable compared to 1on1 training


Currently, we offer 4 different development groups:

- Middle School Girls (Ages 11-13)

- Middle School Boys (Ages 11-13)

- High School Girls (Ages 14-18)

- High School Boys (Ages 14-18)

If you would like to be part of any of these groups, please email to register your interest and find out more.

Please note: most players who attend these groups are current 1on1 players. It is strongly advised to schedule at least a single 1on1 session prior to joining the group.