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7 Passing Principles To Elevate Your Game

Passing is everything in soccer. Yet, so many players take it for granted or fail to work on it consistently. People just think of passing as getting the ball from A to B. And yes, in essence that what it is.

For average players.

However, if you want to raise your game and play at a higher level, there is so much more to it. Is the pass played at the right time? At the right speed? To the correct foot of the receiving player? Have you given an instruction such as turn or man on?

Not only this, but can you make successful passes consistently? Or does every third or fourth pass miss the target?

If you want to elevate your game, DO NOT take the skill of passing for granted. Here are 7 ways in which you can start playing better passes:

  1. Scan to create a mental picture before you receive the ball.

  2. Adjust your body shape so you can see more of the pitch.

  3. Take a good first touch to set yourself up for the pass.

  4. Decide early where you are going to play your pass and do not hesitate!

  5. Play the pass firm and at speed.

  6. Play to the correct foot of your teammate.

  7. Give instructions: turn, man on, time.

If you can start doing these things consistently, then I can guarantee you will become a better player.

If you want advance your passing game even more, learn different ways to pass. Such as:

  1. Inside of your foot

  2. Outside of your foot

  3. Long pass (curved)

  4. Long pass (with laces)

  5. Long pass (driven along ground with laces)

And with both feet!

Passing is a crucial skill to master. You can do this by finding a ball and a wall, and passing the ball against it in a variety of ways. It's that simple.

To some, passing may seem straightforward. But it is a skill that must be trained consistently and with a high level of focus. From there, you will see the benefits in your game.

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