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1on1 & Small Group Training

How does it work?

Each session is taken by Coach Aidan. Once you have booked your 1 hour slot, you will be contacted personally to give you an introduction to the session and what to expect. 

Each session is customized to suit the players needs. All ages and abilities are welcome, with an emphasis on improving with each session. So whether you are Youth Player, High School, College, Amateur, Semi-Pro, or Pro, we can help you.

With every session, you will be challenged physically, mentally, and tactically. You will be equipped with the tools to take your game forward, and develop the foundational and advanced skills to succeed in the soccer world.

What does a typical session look like?

- Warm up that incorporates co-ordination, mobility, and mental priming

- Speed and movement work dependent on the individual player

- Drills that challenge you on the basics of first touch and passing

- Position specific training all incorporating the ball

- Any other areas that need work specified in initial consultation

At 90 Minutes Fitness, we don't care about mistakes. All we ask is that you work hard and give 100% to each session.

We care about developing high performing players and people. Excellence is a habit not only on the pitch, but in life too. How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Where do our players come from?

We work with a wide range of ages and abilities, both male and female. We have worked with players from teams such as:

  • Pittsburgh Riverhounds Academy 

  • FC Pittsburgh

  • Pittsburgh Hotspurs

  • Borussia Dortmund Academy Pittsburgh

  • Beadling Soccer Club

  • SCS United

  • Century Steel

  • Penn Hills Soccer

  • Mars Area Soccer Club

  • North Allegheny High School

  • Deer Lakes High School

  • Burrell High School

  • Knoch High School

  • Quaker Valley High School

  • Mars Middle School

  • Avonworth High School

  • Moon Area High School

(Please note we do not have any official affiliation with any of the above teams)

What makes us different from other 1on1 coaches?


We don't just treat you like another player and do the same old drills. We care about giving you career long skills to improve, all personalized to each player. More than anything, we want to pass on the skills and knowledge that we have gained from playing all over the world.

We treat each player and their situation individually. If your goal is to play in Europe or get a D1 scholarship, we can help you. Or if your goal is to simply keep improving and see where your talent takes you, then we will help you get there too.

If you are passionate about the game and succeeding, then we want to work with you.

Small Group Training

In addition to 1on1 training, we also offer small group training (2+players). In this environment, players still get individualized attention and each session is designed to the age and ability of the group.

Small group training is a great option for teammates or friends who wish to improve their technique in line with what is done at European soccer clubs.

How does small group training work?

Small group training involves 2-4 players, who are friends or on the same team. Or, if we work with similar players 1on1, we may suggest forming a group to further their development.

Why is small group work beneficial?

- More variety when it comes to drills

- Opportunity to work on 1v1 or 2v2 (fundamental part of the game)

- Players tend to work harder in sessions as it is more competitive

- More affordable compared to 1on1 training 

If you have a group in mind, please get in touch and we can get to work.

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